Electrocare Services Office in Kolkata

Quality Service Before Sales It has been our practice to provide the best service to the customers. Now buying medical equipments like ECG Machines,X Ray machines,Hospital Furniture,Cpap or Bipap, Nebulizer or other medical devices is quite different from buying regular electronics. This is a product you cannot buy from direct companies like BPL,Allengers,Medisys,Siemens,Johnson and Johnson,Nidek,etc, These equipments are available through dealers. Pricing is mostly the same but when you buy from us what is different is our outstanding support. Everytime there is an issue with your device we are there. Our company spends 60% of its revenue towards its service infrastructure. Our service personnel are working in this industry for more than 20 years. So rest assured about that when you buy from us

Best Pricing Due to our strong partnership and relationships with leading medical equipment manufacturers we are able to provide you the best pricing for products that you buy.

Our Best Men

Mahadev Sarkar

Mr. Mahadev Sarkar has been with us for 22 Years. He holds expertise in Defibrillator and Monitors.

Abikash Sen

Mr. Abikash Sen has been with us for 22 Years. He specializes in ECG and Monitor.

Rajeeb De

Mr. Rajeeb De has also been with us for 22 Years. He specializes in ECG,Monitor, Nebulizer, Cardilogy.