BPL 120/80 B3

  • Automatic Pressurization

    High tech measurement technology to monitor blood pressure from the arm

  • Large LCD Display

    45 X 30mm LCD display prov ides excellent display clarity

  • 120 Memories

    Automatic memory function records the last 120 measurements and simplifies record keeping

  • AC adapter jack

    Allows power supply from an outlet

  • Last 3 results average

    Automatically calculates the average of last three readings stored in memory

  • Latex free cuff

    Reduces the risk of allergic reaction

  • Auto shut off

    Shuts down the device when idle for 3 mins, thereby extending the battery life

  • Deluxe Carry case

    Ensures convenience during travel and storage

  • WHO blood pressure classification indicator

    Automatically indicates blood pressure classification after the completion of each measurement

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