Cardiart 9108D

  • Twelve Channel ECG Recording

    Simultaneous 12 channel ECG recording with 12 lead simultaneous acquisition

  • High Resolution Display

    7 inch high resolution display enables the easy viewing of patient demographics and real time ECG data option (optional touch screen)

  • ECG Analysis and Interpretation

    Gender, age & race specific advanced ECG analysis & interpretation - The Glasgow ECG Interpretation Algorithm

  • QWERTY Alphanumeric Keyboard

    Ensures the freedom of easy use

  • Ease of Operation

    The user-friendly design of the machine ensures easy operation

  • External Archiving

    Supports external archiving devices such as USB drive, flash disk, SD card for virtually unlimited ECG data storage

  • Pace maker detection

    This feature ensures recognition of pacing signal artifacts

  • Thermal Recorder

    Built-in high resolution thermal recorder

  • Internal Memory

    Has an Internal Memory, which can store up to 800 ECG recordings

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery

    High performance Li-ion rechargeable battery enables mains independent operations and provides battery use after charging

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