Clear Sign C10

  • Read basic parameters with confidence

    Increased clinical confidence in measuring the basic vital parameters - ECG, SpO2, NiBP, RESP and TEMP.

  • Enables easy review

    Facilitates 720 hours Trend, 1000 NiBP reviews, 14 waveform and 2 hours waveform review

  • Arrhythmia and ST analysis

    Helps in detecting multiple arrhythmias in ECG and ST elevation-depression of ECG, thus diagnosing decreased cardiac condition accurately

  • Pitch tone variation for SpO2 monitoring

    Audible variation in tone helps in sensing patient’s oxygen saturation levels

  • Control over waveform parameters

    Activation/de-activation of waveform parameters facilitates the physician to monitor specific parameters and waveforms related to the patient’s diagnosis

  • Waveform smoothening

    Helps the caregiver to observe waveforms for better view from a distance

  • Auto recording

    The auto recording option available with the patient monitors ensures ease of use, which also makes automatic printing at fixed regular intervals possible

  • Battery backup

    The device offers up to 4 hours of battery backup facilitating uninterrupted monitoring

  • Alarm silence option

    Alarm silence (both sound & light) helps the user de-activate the visual or audio alarm to avoid unnecessary distraction in the ICU settings

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