DF 2617AED/R

  • Bi-phasic Waveform

    The current-controlled biphasic waveform lowers the electrical threshold for successful defibrillation, besides adjusting for impedance

  • High Energy Efficiency

    100 charge/discharge of 300J with fully charged new battery. it takes only less than 10 seconds to charge the battery

  • 24 Event Recording

    Records the heart rate and rhythm and provides the ability to easily archive and review up to 24 recorded event data

  • Remote Charging

    Remote charging and discharging through paddles facilitates easy charging for convenient user

  • Prompts for User

    The voice and visual text prompts guide the user through the rescue process of the patient

  • Guided CPR

    Guided CPR helps in providing a step by step voice instructions on how to perform safe CPR

  • Selectable Energy Protocols

    Different levels of energy can be selected based on the requirement

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