Dynatrac Lite

  • Advanced Software

    Advanced Windows-based stress test software enables accurate recording and analysis of the test.

  • Wireless ECG Transmitter

    The Bluetooth-enabled wirefree ECG transmitter provides for the added advantage of portability of the device and reduces motion artifacts

  • DSP Technology

    DSP technology provides for rock steady baseline in ECG even at higher rate

  • Review Records

    The cardiologist can review the records before printing them

  • Post Review and Edit Facility

    The device offers a facility for the cardiologist to review the results and edit them if needed

  • Wide Range of Comprehensive Reports**

    A wide range of comprehensive reports can be produced with the data from the machine, which facilitates easy diagnosis

  • Online METS Display

    With the METS data displayed real-time, the cardiologist can monitor the cardio respiratory fitness levels during the exercise period

  • Treadmill

    Lightweight treadmill

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