Dynatract Plus

  • Wireless ECG Transmitter

    The Bluetooth-enabled wirefree ECG transmitter provides for the added advantage of portability of the device and reduces motion artifacts

  • Automatic Control of Treadmill

    The treadmill can be controlled automatically during 12 lead ECG recording

  • Flexible Treadmill Protocols

    Treadmill protocols can either be preset or can be programmed by the user

  • Selectable Digital Filters

    Options are available for the user to choose digital filters for displayed ECG and print reports

  • Easy to Use

    Dynatrac Plus is compact, lightweight and patientfriendly ECG acquisition unit

  • Rechargable Battery

    The battery for the ECG unit is rechargeable, which adds to its user-friendliness

  • Battery Status Indicator

    Battery status indicator to alert the user if the device is falling short of powert

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