E-Cube 15

  • Versatile and Perfectly Fine-tuned

    The E-CUBE 15 provides progressive and versatile diagnostic solutions with exceptional performance and excellent image quality that enhance diagnostic confi dence.

    The E-CUBE 15 offers extensive shared service capabilities for vascular, cardiac, abdominal, pediatric/fetal, musculoskeletal, urology, prostate, and Ob/Gyn practices.

    The E-CUBE 15 minimizes complications, raising the level of confi dence when clinicians conduct examinations.

    The E-CUBE 15 is fully geared to an exceptional performance in any clinical environment.

  • Optimal Imaging Suite

    Image Quality Enhancements Optimal Imaging Suite™, ALPINION’s integrated image post processing software set, provides better border definition and increased contrast resolution by reducing artifacts while maintaining true tissue appearance.

    Easy upgrade with new technology and features FleXcan™, ALPINION’s software based imaging platform, is the foundation of the E-CUBE. It allows us to remain responsive to customer needs as well as user’s system up to date with reliable performance and improved productivity during the lifetime of the product.

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