E-Cube 5

  • Acoustic Technology

    A proprietary acoustic technology yields superior ultrasound images. ALPINION’s innovative transducers, which are developed and manufactured in-house, perfectly generate refined signals and seamlessly deliver them to the E-CUBE 5 system.

  • Imaging Platform

    FleXcan, ALPINION’s software based imaging platform, ensures stable imaging performance and maintains image quality throughout the ultrasound system’s lifetime. This software based structure also enables easy upgrades for new ALPINION technologies and features.

  • Imaging Software

    Optimal Imaging Suite, ALPINION’s integrated post-processing software set (SCI, FTHI, FCI and SRI), creates optimized images for each application by decreasing artifacts and enhances edges and borderlines. It also gives users more choices for optimizing images, providing high resolution and deeper penetration through different parameters.

  • New Platform - simplified

    ALPINION’s core technology creates the new simplified platform. And the simplicity creates the powerful E-CUBE 5. The E-CUBE 5’s simplified platform allows faster response times at every diagnostic step, remarkably reduces malfunctions and enhances the system’s durability.

  • Noiseless

    ALPINION’s another innovation enables a extremely silent diagnosis environment. By decreasing its fan noise to 30% of the level of competitors, the E-CUBE 5 helps users to concentrate on their diagnosis even in noise-sensitive spaces, such as small rooms.

  • Compact

    The E-CUBE 5’s slim body, lightweight and small footprint make it ideal for use in small spaces. And considering the system’s stability in any situation, the E-CUBE 5 is designed as a low center of gravity system with the compact concept. This compactness improves its mobility dramatically and lets users enjoy a comfortable work environment in any clinical setting.

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