E-Cube 7

  • Powerful Image Performance

    ALPINION’s proprietary acoustic technologies generate refined signals that perfectly match impedance with the system.

    The E-CUBE 7’s advanced transducer portfolio is enhanced by acoustic technologies such as Crystal SignatureTM , ALPINION’s unique single crystal technology. ALPINION’s core imaging technologies process and refine signals under a flexible and reliable FleXcanTM Architecture imaging platform that guarantees uniform image quality..

    Sophisticated post-processing imaging technology set, Optimal Imaging SuiteTM provides high-quality image performance.

  • Optimized Solutions for Multiple Applications

    The smart software and features empower clinicians to make diagnostic decision with confidence. The E-CUBE 7’s excellent image quality and fast workflow enhance diagnostic efficiency and productivity through the applications. The E-CUBE 7 is the All-in-One Solution you need.

  • Compact & Optimal Space Solutions

    Slim Design with Efficient Workflow: The E-CUBE 7 is designed for user convenience and efficient space utilization that provides excellent mobility and portability.

    Dimension : 1,425(tall) / 1,355(short) X 509 X 670 mm (H x W x D), Weight : 57 kg

    The E-CUBE 7 enables rapid diagnosis through highly efficient automatic features that simplify the workflow process.

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