ELite view EV8

  • High resoluton display

    8 inche color lcd display with high pixel resolution

  • Standard configuration

    Increased clinical confidence in measuring the basic vital paramet re-ECG, SpOz NiBP, RESP and TEMP

  • NiBP assisted vein puncture

    Added feature of NiBP assisted vein puncture function to aid the physician

  • Other parameters

    Supports data tranfer through USB, ftp, wired and wireless connection to cns.

  • Operation modes

    Supports adult, pediatric and neonatal modes of operation

  • Waveform smoothing

    Helps the caregiver to observe waveforms for better view from a distance

  • Intelligent alarms

    Triple alarm protection to help the physicians.Different alarm tone with voice prompt sequences help physicians identify emergency conditions even when the caregiver is away from the patient.

  • Comprehensve data storage

    With 160 hours of trend data storage, 2000 NiBP reviews and 48 hours wave review of single channel.

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