Medius and CNS

  • Major Monitor View

    Save time and footsteps-let the data travel , not the clinician. The bedside View interactive window provides immediate access to all details of patient’s real-time waveforms and vital sign numerics, including historical vital signs data

  • Full Disclosure

    More than just a Patient Monitoring System, with 72 hour full disclosure, Medius Plus becomes a departmental data management system, enabling the storage, viewing, and analysis of all trends, events, alarms and waveforms that occurred while the patient was being monitored

  • Alarm Limits

    Alarm limits can be manually set for each of the patient’s parameters from the monitor console

  • Trend Storage

    A continuous history of clinical parameters with all associated waveforms simplifies review of large quantities of patient data and enables rapid visualiztion of clinical trends

  • Display

    Choice of single or dual display gives you the option to expand viewing capability as your monitoring needs grow

  • Print Setup

    Centralise printing of individual patients vital parameters waveforms and trend reports in A4 size printouts(both Real-time and Historical) Customise reports so only the parameters of interest are included. This eliminates waste paper, while capturing all relevant patient data

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