Acura - S

  • LCD with blue blacklit display
  • Dual operation modes: Micro mode and continuous injection
  • Double CPU to ensure safety and reliable infusion
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Acura - v

  • Large Blue LCD display
  • Infusion mode: Drip-rate and Volumetric
  • Unique anti-reverse function to avoid upstream
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Acura - S1

  • LED & LCD Dual display, High definition color display available
  • In-built Drug Library
  • Pressure Detection Feature
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Medius + CNS

  • Bedside view provides interactive window provides immediate access to all details of patients real-time waveforms and vital sign numerics.
  • 72 Hours full wave disclosure enables the storing, viewing and analysis of all trends, events, alarms and waveforms that occurred while the patient was being monitored
  • Alarm limits can be manually for each monitor from the monitor console
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